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Taskbar Calculator 1.5

This calculator will be positioned in the task bar after installation
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This great calculator will help you in a great way. Once installed, it will be positioned in the task bar, and will be every time operational, the only thing you must do is to click on the area in the task bar where Taskbar Calculator is and you will be able to make mathematical operations.
This program is great for those who have to make calculations fast and at any time, even when you are working in another program.
This calculator has the basic functions such as sum, division, multiplication, subtraction, and some complex ones, such as square root and percentage. You can access all of these functions easily. Once you click over the calculator in the task bar, you can use all the keys on the numeric pad of your keyboard. Also by pressing some keys you can select other options, some are: ESC to clear all the digits,"z" to insert three zeros, "p" to manage the negative numbers, and "x" to convert and pass to hexadecimal state, many other shortcuts are available by right clicking on the calculator and selecting info. Once there, you will see all the shortcuts available.

Guzman Gonzalez
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  • Silent
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  • Few mathematical opertions
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